Use the NEW Hunter Industrial Website to Find Cost-Effective Industrial and Commercial Fan Options for Your Business

Hunter Industrial® just made it even easier for you to find high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) commercial or industrial ceiling fans and air circulators with our newly-improved website at We’ve made significant upgrades to our site’s functionality and content, so you can quickly find cost-effective fan resources to upgrade your space or facility.

We understand that your time is valuable, so we simplified the site to make browsing and selecting fans a breeze. These site improvements include:

  • Enhanced navigation to help you explore fan types and size options
  • Optimized search functionality for quicker fan comparisons
  • Helpful downloads such as technical specs, CAD files and educational whitepapers

Use the below resources to help you get more value out of your current indoor or outdoor space with our wide variety of climate control options.

Tour Our Virtual Fan Showroom

See for yourself how the different types of Hunter fans can add more value to your current space by visiting our new virtual showroom on our homepage. This fast-paced video allows you to see some of our most popular fans in action in 3D, so you can quickly compare:

  • How each fan works in different types of indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Size, color and technical features, such as warranties and damp ratings
  • Industry applications: warehouses, office spaces, automotive, fitness and more

Quickly Find Your Fan for Your Space

Now you can more quickly find the right Hunter Industrial fan for your indoor or outdoor space on our homepage — from HVLS industrial fans to commercial fans to air circulators. Simply go to WHAT’S YOUR BUILDING TYPE and choose your industry to find fans that can save you heating and cooling costs and dramatically improve your climate control.

Choose from:

  • Warehouse: From our Titan™ powerhouse to our smaller Eco™ and XP™ workhorse fans, find the perfect option to protect against moisture spoilage and create a more enjoyable, safer work environment.
  • Agriculture: Inspired by nature, many of our large industrial fans and Jan Fan® air circulators can help you better control climates for crops, livestock — and, of course, your people.
  • Food & Beverage: Engineered to bring airflow into every corner of your facility, our industrial fans and Jan Fan air circulators can reduce slick surfaces, control moisture and mitigate pests and odors.
  • Manufacturing: Our Titan, Eco and XP are some of our most popular industrial fans for improving safety and working environments while reducing overall energy costs in both summer and winter.
  • Material Handling: Our HVLS industrial and commercial fans can help you elevate your warehouse efficiency with a more comfortable working environment while reducing energy costs by as much as 30%.
  • Aviation: Only Hunter Industrial fans are AMCA-certified to bring consistent airflows to your hangars and facilities to reduce dangerous, slippery surfaces and deter dust and bird nesting.
  • Automotive: Our AMCA-certified fans empower you to create dramatically safer, cleaner and more productive automotive assembly lines, while reducing the workload on your HVAC systems.
  • Fitness & Recreation: Our HVLS industrial and commercial fans and Jan Fan industrial air circulators create a cooling effect to reduce the risk of heat illness or injuries. Use our Trak™ fans for more indoor aesthetic options!

Don’t see your industry or building type listed? Contact us and we’ll pair you with the right fan for your specific climate control needs.

Browse Our Value-Add Controls

Hunter offers multiple HIM controller options to work with your choice of Hunter HVLS industrial and commercial fans and industrial air circulators, depending on the number of fans at your facility. For example, the 350 Series Controller is ideal for one-to-one fan control, with intuitive digital wall control and a 3.5-inch P-CAP touchscreen. Ethernet-powered, choose forward and reverse directions and modify your speed control.

Easily control up to 30 fans with the 500 Series Controller from a single wall controller and the 700E Environmental Controller is the ideal option to run an entire network of facility fans. The 700E uses ceiling-floor temperature and humidity sensors to create optimal conditions for your space.

Download Technical & Educational Resources

Now, you can quickly compare fan options with our RESOURCES FOR DOWNLOADS on our homepage. In our Technical Downloads section, we’ve organized all the tools and resources for each of our HVLS industrial fans and air circulators and our commercial fans. Choose CAD files, technical specifications, and detailed installation and warranty information.

Need help finding the right fan application for your specific climate control goals? Check out our Whitepapers section for hands-on advice for getting the most out of your fans from our heating and cooling and climate control experts.

Browse our latest whitepapers, including:

These are just a few of the ways Hunter Industrial wants to make it easier for you to find climate control options to reduce your energy costs and improve working conditions. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself by browsing our website or let us show you how partnering with Hunter Industrial can save you money by calling us at 1-844-591-3267 or contact us online.