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Large HVLS Gym Fans are Raising the Bar

Stay cool while breaking a sweat

When it comes to gyms, fitness centers, and other recreation facilities, the importance of airflow cannot be overstated. Maintaining a comfortable, even gym environment is essential. Studies suggest that the best temperature in which to work out is between 68-72 degrees. Considering seasonal temperature variation, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain that ideal temperature year-round. Overheating can easily lead to heat exhaustion and other temperature related maladies. And in the simplest of terms, an uncomfortable environment can be a reason why a guest might decide to permanently leave a fitness facility.

Air circulation can benefit gyms in other ways as well. Proper airflow will dramatically increase the rate at which moisture evaporates and can reduce unpleasant odors (both of which are all too common in gyms and recreation facilities). Air circulation can reduce the spread of sickness in a facility, a phenomenon known as “Sick Building Syndrome.”

Installing ceiling fans is an effective and cost-saving way to make your gym safer, healthier, and more comfortable. There are a few things to consider when deciding between different fan options. The size of the building, the number of occupants, and the overall style are all important factors. What fan is best for your gym? Continue reading to learn more.

High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans

Depending on the size of your gym or recreation facility, High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fans may be the perfect option. HVLS fans are LARGE, running between 7 and 24 feet in diameter. These fans will generate tremendous airflow and circulation all throughout your gym. HVLS fans spin at a lower rate than standard residential ceiling fans, but their size means that they move a high-volume of air, effectively destratifying the air in your facility. We have a selection of industrial HVLS fans from the ECO HVLS fan to the XP HVLS fan to the Titan HVLS fan.

HVLS fans generate a perceived cooling effect of up to TEN DEGREES, meaning that the environment in your gym or recreation facility will feel substantially cooler for visitors and employees. These fans will also lessen the effects of moisture in the environment by increasing the evaporation rate.

TITAN, Hunter’s flagship HVLS fan, is the gold standard when it comes to generating airflow. Available in diameters ranging from 14 to 24 feet, and with a variety of mounting options and input power voltages, TITAN is a great fit for any large fitness facility. (And did we mention that all Hunter HVLS fans have a Limited Lifetime Warranty?)

When CrossFit Glen Burnie in Odenton, MD, installed an 18-foot TITAN into their 7,000 square-foot fitness center, they immediately noticed a huge difference. Not only did the HVLS fan produce the desired cooling effect, it also was substantially quieter than the pedestal fans they had used previously, making it easier for trainers to be heard.

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“We’ve seen the many benefits that Hunter Industrial fans have to offer and so have our members. They typically get excited about new gym equipment, but to see their excitement over the new industrial ceiling fan was awesome. I’d definitely recommend Hunter Industrial to fellow gym owners.” - Bob Gillingham, CrossFit Glen Burnie

Commercial Gym Fans

For more confined gyms or fitness facilities, commercial ceiling fans may be the right option. Industrial & commercial ceiling fans deliver airflow and durability that is superior to standard home ceiling fans, while also maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic. All of this, while also being able to fit in tighter spaces than HVLS ceiling fans.

The Hunter TRAK commercial ceiling fan fits this mold perfectly. Built with a commercial grade motor and aluminum blades, TRAK works where comfort is as important as style and durability. TRAK fans come standard with an 8-speed motor and 3-year motor warranty and are available in multiple colors and lighting options.

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So, what makes TRAK the perfect ceiling fan for a gym? Just ask HOTWORX Fitness Studio in Murfreesboro, TN! After installing 6 TRAK fans in his facility, owner James Slough immediately noticed a change. “Customers love the breeze. I have the fans turned on the lowest setting, and the amount of air they circulate is impressive,” said James. And what about the energy savings? “Previously, my energy bills have been anywhere from $1,300-$1,600, but since having the fans installed, my average energy bill has been $900!”

Air Circulators

But what about if you need airflow concentrated at one specific location? That is where air circulators come into play. Rather than being installed on the ceiling, air circulators are smaller, usually portable, and generate a directed flow of air at a specific location.

Jan Fan Industrial Air Circulators are some of the best fans on the market. Available in a variety of sizes and mounting options, there is sure to be a Jan Fan to meet your needs. Need a fan that directs airflow at cardio equipment? Try a Jan Fan with a Pedestal Base. Need something you can wheel outside for outdoor cross fit training? Try the Rugged Mobile Fan mounting option. Do you have a smaller home gym and need something directed toward your workout area? The Workstation Fan is what you are looking for.

Are you ready to take the next steps to make your gym or fitness center safer and more comfortable? Find the best fans for gyms at Hunter Industrial Fans and contact us today if you have any questions!