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Success Story: D-Bat Murfreesboro

Image of baseball bullpen and Hunter Industrial HVLS fan


For John Hyland, maintaining a comfortable and welcoming environment is key. As general manager of D-Bat Murfreesboro, one of over 100 independently owned indoor baseball and softball training facilities across the country, he sweats every detail, ensuring the vast 23,000 square foot space hits a home run with guests and employees alike.

Given D-Bat Murfreesboro’s sheer size and number of activities, maintaining a comfortable climate can be a challenge, which is where High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fans come into play. For Hyland, the benefit of HVLS and how much they contribute to guest satisfaction is well worth the investment.

Not Your Average Training Facility

D-Bat Murfreesboro is more than a batting cage. It is a state-of-the-art indoor sports facility aiming to be the premier baseball and softball training center in the country.

“We do lessons, camps, individual training. We have sixteen total cages. We rent out cages for teams, practices, workouts, and four automated cages we use for pitching machines. Our first camp had about seventy kids in it, and we were only using half the space.”

D-Bat Manager John Hyland

 D-Bat Murfreesboro prides itself on the experience of getting “real” batting time in, helping everyone from first-timers to seasoned athletes get a taste of the big leagues. And since they’re open year-round, climate control had to be a home run.


When D-Bat Murfreesboro was designed and opened in early 2024, management tackled their climate control issue by installing two Hunter Industrial HVLS ceiling fans, a 20’ Titan and a 14’ ECO HVLS fan.

Hunter Titan HVLS Fan in Indoor Batting Cage

“We need somewhere that is climate controlled, where we can keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That is the whole point of having an indoor training facility,” Hyland says.

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As the ceiling fan inventor in 1886, Hunter was more than up to that challenge. Hunter HVLS ceiling fans generate a cooling effect of nearly 10°F, contributing to year-round energy savings. They also combat humidity and moisture, and the Titan and ECO both feature an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Another aspect Hyland considered during the facility's construction was accessibility. Each D-Bat location has a vast network of cage netting, which could limit access to the ceiling. Hyland sought an HVLS solution that was as simple to install and maintain as it was powerful.

“We tore this place down to studs and built it back up,” said Hyland. “So having things that were easy to put in, easy to install, and weren’t going to cause issues was a big factor.”

A Home Run with Hunter Industrial Fans

So out of all the HVLS fan options they could choose from, why did D-Bat Murfreesboro decide to collaborate with Hunter? Hyland credits Hunter’s home team advantage, dependability, and ease of installation.

“We know Hunter is a local company, [and have been] installed in other D-Bats. They work well. They last a long time. They are easy to install, easy to get to, easy to set up, and they do a great job of keeping the place cool or warm, depending on what we need. This Tennessee weather fluctuates up and down, so we need to change it on a moment’s notice, and it really helps.”

Hunter XP Industrial Ceiling Fan in Indoor Training Facility

Hunter’s intuitive HVLS fan controls make adjusting the climate a breeze. Hunter offers three intuitive HVLS fan controllers, all of which can operate multiple fans at the touch of a button. Hyland noted the ease of adjusting the fans' speed at a moment's notice, which lessens the dependency on their HVAC unit.

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“... They definitely cool things down real quick, as opposed to having to run an HVAC unit for a long period of time just to change it a few degrees. You can come in any time of the day, we are open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the week, and [you'll be] be cool or be warm depending on what the weather is like outside.”


After experiencing Hunter Industrial HVLS ceiling fans, Hyland is proud to share his positive experience.

“They definitely help us a lot here. They keep things cool, keep things warm when we need them. [The fans are] a game changer for us,” he says.

Are you ready to take control of your environment? Whether you are opening a new D-Bat franchise or want to improve conditions in your existing facility, Hunter Industrial & Commercial has the right airflow solution for you. With industry-leading warranties, ten-day lead times, and outstanding US-based customer service, Hunter is ready to help.

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