ECO Industrial Fan Provides Comfort - Hunter Industrial


Located in Key West, Florida, Keys Customs—formerly known as Affordable Auto & Truck Repair— has been the top automotive repair shop in town for more than 30 years. However, when Hurricane Irma made landfall in 2017, the garage was totally destroyed. The roof was completely ripped off, among other significant damage.

Justin Annarino took over ownership of Keys Customs after Hurricane Irma but struggled to repair the garage to its original state.

Garage Rehab is led by Richard Rawlings and his team—including project manager Russell J. Holmes and auto shop consultant Chris Stephens—who travel the country to find shops that need help.

One of the key areas of focus: Keeping the shop cool. Before Garage Rehab, Justin and his employees had grown accustomed to working in the harsh Florida heat.


As part of the shop’s revitalization, two Hunter Industrial ECO 8’ and 10’ fans were installed, and the team customized them with a “Gas Monkey Green” color. These HVLS fans are built with a lightweight, maintenance-free direct drive motor to help circulate air movement amidst the brutal heat of South Florida.

As a result, Justin and his team now enjoy maximum air movement and a comfortable work space, while being able to eliminate exhaust fumes in the shop immediately.

“Hunter Industrial fans are one of my favorite items I received from the show,” said Justin Annarino. “The air movement is so powerful, and everyone who comes in the shop asks about them. They’re absolutely awesome fans and keep us cool every day.”

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