Environ Provider Installs Titan - Hunter Industrial

Hunter Industrial Ceiling Fan utilized for human comfort temperature range

Before Installation

As a leading global provider of environmental compliance products, UltraTech International Inc. maintains a fully- stocked, multi-functional 5,000 square-foot warehouse. Housing areas for lab work, production and packaging, UltraTech’s warehouse in many ways is at the heart of its operations. With no air conditioning, the space absorbed the Florida heat, creating an interior climate that made it difficult to work and breathe. Previously, the UltraTech team attempted to cool down the space with a series of plug-in floor fans but found they provided little relief.

“The temperature in our warehouse could easily rise to 120 degrees, and the floor fans were clearly not viable solutions for our team––simply moving the hot, muggy air around rather than actually improving conditions,” said Brittney Davis with UltraTech, who manages the warehouse.

With the doors of the warehouse open frequently for packaging drops and pick-ups, air conditioning was not a feasible solution––finding an effective, efficient fan made the most sense for their needs.

"I didn't think it was possible for a single fan to move air on this large of a scale."

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After Installation

After researching their options, the UltraTech team had an 18-foot Hunter Industrial Titan fan installed in their warehouse. After a quick one-day installation process, the HVLS fan was up and running.

“This fan has been nothing short of incredible,” said Davis. “It’s completely changed the environment of our warehouse, moving air throughout our entire facility so that the atmosphere is fresh and breathable.”

Since the Titan fan’s installation, the UltraTech team has not been running their previous floor fans but found that the Titan packs more than enough power. They also noted the difference in noise from using the floor fans versus the silence of the Titan.

“We no longer need to operate our old floor fans, although we’ve found that the airflow generated by our Hunter Industrial fan is powerful enough that it actually makes these floor fans turn and run on their own. I didn’t think it was possible for a single fan to move air on this large of a scale,” said Davis.

With people from all over the world visiting the company’s warehouse and lab to sample UltraTech’s products, the team has appreciated the ability to bring visitors into a space that is comfortable and cool.

UltraTech also noticed that the improvements in air quality have translated into boosted employee productivity and comfort. Reducing physical stress and fatigue for workers, the enhanced conditions have also cut down on the need for employees to pause often for rest, breaking their workflow. Beyond that, the fan helped leadership express their care and concern for their team.

"Our warehouse crew does hard, heavy labor, and investing in an industrial fan has allowed us to reinforce to our employees that their health and happiness matters.”