Our Ease of Installation Helps Cost - Hunter Industrial

Time is money — and while a temperate and safe environment for your employees can lead to an overall higher productivity level, many companies who are considering an HVLS fan are concerned about the additional time, energy, and cost of installation. 

One unique feature of Hunter Industrial’s HVLS fans is our guaranteed ease of installation, which, in addition to our maintenance-free platform, is a critical factor in our fans being the lowest first cost to install in the industry. Let’s break down how we are able to do that, and what that means to you.

Patented Blade Holder Design

At Hunter Industrial, we like to say that one person can bench press any of our HVLS fan components. Not only are our airfoil blades designed to be lightweight enough for a single person to lift them, our design also requires just two fasteners to put our blades in place. Other HVLS fan manufacturers can require up to 12 fasteners per blade leading to a long and complicated installation process. This simplicity is one way we provide a smoother, and shorter, installation time.

Preassembled Components

Another benefit of a Hunter HVLS fan is that many of our components come preassembled. This means that there are fewer parts for you to construct prior to hanging the fan and less margin for error in the overall installation. Not only that, but having many pieces preassembled simplifies the number and types of tools you will need to complete the installation. In fact, our installation requires just nine tools — all of which could be found in a household toolbox. Again, leading to less cost associated with downtime for your company.

Plug-and-Play Wiring

It can be incredibly frustrating to spend time and money on your HVLS fan installation only to find that when you switch the fan on for the first time, nothing happens. Our goal of simplifying the installation process includes wiring. One way we do that — and help you to avoid frustration — is to provide plug-and-play wiring for all our HVLS fans. This means that connecting your new fan to electricity is as easy as plugging in a box fan, so that you experience the quiet power of an HVLS fan at your first flip of the switch.

Single-Person Installation

All of these benefits found in a Hunter installation point to one final benefit to our installation process. Unlike several other HVLS fans on the market, Hunter fans typically require only one person to install.  We have found that not only can one person usually install a Hunter HVLS fan, but many of our customers install their fans by themselves. In fact, you can hear about one customer’s experience of self-installation here.

Putting the Pieces Back Together

What does all this mean for you? Combined Value. When you choose a Hunter Industrial HVLS fan, not only do you receive all the financial benefits of creating a safe and comfortable environment for your employees and a maintenance-free platform, you also save money in both time and manpower during the installation process.


Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not. Check out this time lapse video  of an actual Hunter HVLS installation. And if you are interested in learning more about the combined value of Hunter HVLS fans and how that can help your bottom line, contact us today.