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Commercial Ceiling Fans

Hunter's commercial ceiling fans have come a long way in the 130+ years since the company was first founded. These days, commercial shop ceiling fans aren't a nice-to-have – they're a gotta-have. Even if your HVAC system is fully operational, you need large commercial ceiling fans to keep the air circulating. Whether you're in a barn, office or warehouse, we have the best commercial-grade ceiling fans for your building.

Hunter Large Commercial Ceiling Fans Provide a Breath of Fresh Air

Hunter didn't just jump on the commercial ceiling fan's bandwagon yesterday – we've been driving the bus since 1886 – and we haven't hit the brakes yet. Here we are, over a century later, with large commercial ceiling fans that reflect our unparalleled craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, and perpetual innovation.

Hunter high-volume, low-speed fans are the product of our passion for pioneering breakthroughs in commercial ceiling fans. Our HVLS fans have even been certified by AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association). Over the years, our commercial shop ceiling fans have gotten ever better at circulating air. And their space-age design won't detract from your aesthetic, whatever it may be. Pretty cool, huh?

Whether it's for an airplane hangar, a retail store or a bottling plant, the integration of a Hunter commercial ceiling fan ensures optimal air circulation, energy efficiency and a comfortable environment for all. Dive in as we explore the many facets and advantages of choosing Hunter for your commercial needs.

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Big Commercial Ceiling Fans With Lofty Ambitions

When it comes to big commercial ceiling fans, we don't just blow air; we revolutionize comfort. Every fan is a blend of artistry and innovation that draws from a rich legacy. Following are some of the standout features that define a Hunter commercial ceiling fan.

  • Superior Technology: Our commercial-grade ceiling fans are engineered to move a large volume of air, which creates a gentle, expansive airflow, making spaces feel cooler without the rush or noise of faster fans.
  • Energy-Efficient Motors: These motors are crafted to provide optimal airflow while using less electricity, leading to a reduction in energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Durable Construction: Hunter's commercial ceiling fans are built with robust materials and superior craftsmanship, ensuring longevity and minimal wear and tear.
  • Advanced Control Options: Our commercial ceiling fans come with intuitive controls for easy operation and integration into existing systems.
  • Variable Speed Options: You can adjust the fan speed to your comfort level, providing flexibility and ensuring optimal airflow for different situations.
  • Aesthetic Design: Beyond functionality, our commercial-grade ceiling fans are designed to complement various commercial decors, from contemporary to classic.
  • Safety Features: We incorporate features like overload protection, secure mounting systems and blade safety guards, ensuring a safe environment.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Hunter's precision engineering ensures that their large commercial ceiling fans operate quietly, avoiding the distracting hum or buzz found in lesser-quality fans.
  • Easy Installation: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Hunter fans come with features or kits that simplify the installation process. We also provide online installation support.
  • Reversible Airflow: Commercial ceiling fans allow the blades to rotate in both directions, providing the option to either cool down spaces in summer or circulate warm air during winter.

Our fans speak

“By installing the Hunter Industrial Fans, we have managed the heat and humidity, and the fatigue of our technicians… Hunter was able to come in with just a few weeks’ lead time and get these fans installed right before one of the hottest summers on record!”

Jeremy Robertson

Owner of Christian Brother’s Automotive in Fairfield, TX

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The Need for Commercial Shop Ceiling Fans

Commercial spaces – be they sleek offices, buzzing restaurants, or expansive fitness facilities – all have unique air circulation needs. Proper airflow from commercial shop ceiling fans is vital for maintaining comfort and ensuring health and productivity.

Stagnant air leads to moisture accumulation, mold growth and deterioration of indoor air quality. On the other hand, a well-circulated space can enhance energy efficiency, potentially lowering heating and cooling costs. Moreover, in retail or dining settings, a comfortable environment can enhance customer experience, prompting longer stays and repeat visits. In essence, commercial ceiling fans are more than mere fixtures; they're silent partners in boosting a business' ambiance and functionality.

Choosing the Best Commercial-Grade Ceiling Fans for Your Facility

Hunter showcases a diverse array of top-tier commercial-grade ceiling fans, each meticulously crafted to cater to the specific airflow requirements of your venue. All are driven by cutting-edge direct-drive motor technology:

  • Trak Commercial Ceiling Fan: This modern commercial ceiling fan works where the comfort of guests is as important as style and durability. Trak features an impressive 8-speed motor and is available in diameters ranging from 5 to 8 feet.
  • Titan HVLS Ceiling Fan: Meet our crowning jewel for manufacturing plants and other industrial spaces. Titan stands tall as the prime choice for ensuring cooling and seamless air movement in expansive commercial zones, from food and beverage plants to manufacturing facilities. Available in expansive diameters from 14 to 24 feet.
  • ECO HVLS Fan: Looking for efficient yet budget-friendly options? ECO is your go-to. Designed to fit a variety of spaces, it delivers exceptional temperature regulation and air circulation. Select from sizes spanning 8 to 24 feet.
  • XP HVLS Fan: Catering to more compact spaces, XP promises year-round comfort. Ideally suited for smaller spaces like gyms, restaurants, and garages, its sizes range between 7 to 14 feet.
  • DDI HVLS Fan: Simple, yet robust. DDI is tailor-made for delivering consistent airflow across distribution hubs, automotive shops and other vast work areas. You can opt between its two aerodynamically advanced blade sizes – 20 feet or the grand 24 feet.
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See a Titan in Action

The Titan line of commercial ceiling fans stands out as the most dedicated HVLS fans available today. As the hallmark offering from Hunter Industrial, it comes in five versatile sizes, ensuring that every corner of your facility feels the breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Ceiling Fans

Got a question about our commercial ceiling fans? We've answered a few below, but if you want to know more, please check out our Technical Resources page or contact us.

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