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HVLS Retail Store Fans


At Hunter Industrial & Commercial, we know that keeping your retail space safe and comfortable for customers and employees is a necessity. That's why our HVLS fans and air circulators are carefully designed to create a cooling effect of up to 10°, ideal for reducing the risk of discomfort and sickness.

By effectively circulating the air in your facility, our fans control moisture, reduce slick surfaces, prevent product spoilage, and deter pests and odors. Our products greatly reduce the risk of accidents and fatigue, helping with employee retention and making sure customers will want to return. 

We offer a variety of options that allow you to control up to thirty fans at the touch of a button, allowing you to moderate the climate in your entire facility.

Our industrial & commercial fans and air circulators reduce the burden on your HVAC system by effectively cooling your retail space when it is warm out, and recirculating heat when it is cold, which leads to year-round energy savings. 

Just like how you take pride in your business, we pride ourselves in our products. That's why all our products are certified by the Air Movement & Control Association and are backed by an industry leading warranty.

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At Hunter Industrial, we know our industrial and commercial fans are carefully crafted to meet the exact needs of your industry. From our high-quality parts to our Hunter Industrial services, details are what we do best. Our experts are ready to work with you to design the perfect airflow solution for your workspace—along with the support, resources, maintenance, and repair services you need to keep your fans performing at their peak for many years to come. Fill out the form below to connect with our team today!