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Large Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Indoors and out, achieving uniform and efficient airflow is a challenge. Whether it's an open-air dining space, a bustling warehouse or an expansive sports arena, large outdoor ceiling fans are essential for comfort, safety and operational efficiency. Hunter Industrial High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fans are the choice of professionals who seek optimal performance without compromise. Whether you're an architect, contractor, or industrial facility manager, discover why Hunter fans are the gold standard in large venue airflow.

Who Needs a Large Outdoor Fan?

Maintaining a comfortable and consistent environment is paramount in many industries. Here's how our large outdoor fan caters to a diverse range of professionals:

  • Commercial Property Owners/Managers: Enhance tenant comfort and reduce HVAC strain in commercial buildings.
  • Restaurateurs: Create a pleasant dining atmosphere, ensuring guests enjoy their meals without the discomfort of stagnant air.
  • Hospitality Industry Professionals: Improve guest experiences in hotels, resorts, and lodges with consistent airflow.
  • Warehouse Managers: Maintain air quality, reduce humidity, and ensure a safer environment for stored goods.
  • Agricultural Professionals: Protect livestock and crops by ensuring proper ventilation and temperature control.
  • Sports Facility Managers: Ensure spectators and athletes experience games in well-ventilated arenas and stadiums.
  • Event Planners: Elevate guest experiences at outdoor events or large indoor gatherings with comfortable air circulation.
  • Architects and Designers: Incorporate HVLS in design blueprints to optimize airflow in large spaces.
  • Construction and Building Contractors: Build with the future in mind by integrating large outdoor fans in initial designs.
  • Industrial Facility Managers: Ensure worker safety and comfort while protecting machinery from overheating.
  • Municipal Managers or Planners: Enhance community spaces like recreation centers, libraries, and town halls with optimal airflow.

large outdoor ceiling fans
big outdoor ceiling fans

Big Outdoor Fans' Size & Coverage

A large venue demands a fan that can command the space, ensuring every corner is touched by a gentle breeze. The effectiveness of a big outdoor fan is gauged by its size, coverage area and its capacity to move air efficiently:

  • Diameter of the Fan: Our big outdoor ceiling fans range from 7 feet to 24 feet to suit various needs.
  • Coverage Area: The true test of a fan's efficiency is its ability to cover an extensive area. With our fans, you can expect a coverage area of up to 22,500 square feet, ensuring uniform airflow throughout large venues.
  • Airflow Rating (CFM): The heart of any fan's performance lies in its airflow rating, measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).

Durability & Construction

We pride ourselves on crafting fans that not only perform exceedingly well, but that also stand the test of time. Here's what we do to ensure the long lifespan of your large outdoor fan:

  • High-Quality Materials: Every big outdoor fan is constructed using high-grade materials, ensuring both strength and longevity.
  • Weather Resistant Design: Understanding the varied needs of outdoor venues, we have fans designed to withstand the elements.
  • Rigorous Testing: Before any fan earns the Hunter Industrial badge, it undergoes stringent testing. From vibration assessments to load tests, we ensure our fans can endure rigorous and continuous operation without faltering.
  • Structural Integrity: Our big outdoor ceiling fans boast reinforced motor mounts, robust blade designs and secure fixtures, ensuring they remain steadfast whether operating in a serene restaurant patio or a bustling industrial facility.

large outdoor fan

Operational Features

For a fan to be truly effective in large spaces, it's not just about size or strength — it's about adaptability and control. Hunter's big outdoor ceiling fans come packed with features that ensure they're as versatile and user-friendly as they are powerful.

  • Adjustable Speed Settings: Customize your air circulation with multiple speed settings. Whether you require a gentle breeze or a powerful gust, our fans deliver precisely what's needed at the touch of a button.
  • Directional Control: Changing seasons or venue needs? Our fans offer bi-directional operation. This means they can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise, ensuring optimal airflow and temperature control year-round.
  • Quiet Operation: Noise can be a concern in many venues. Hunter fans are engineered for whisper-quiet operation, ensuring comfort without the distraction of a constant hum.
  • Energy Management Features: Because they're equipped with energy-efficient motors and smart operational features, our large outdoor ceiling fans optimize power usage. This leads to energy savings and promotes a greener, more sustainable environment.

Safety & Compliance

In large venues where hundreds or even thousands may gather, safety isn't just a feature—it's an imperative. Hunter Industrial & Commercial's commitment to safety is unwavering and shines through in every large outdoor fan we engineer. Equally important is our dedication to compliance, ensuring that our products meet and often exceed industry standards.

  • Robust Safety Features: Our big outdoor ceiling fans are integrated with fail-safe mechanisms such as automatic shutoffs and overload protection. This ensures that the fan ceases operation in the rare event of a malfunction, safeguarding both the infrastructure and its occupants.
  • Stable Mounting Systems: We understand that a fan's stability is paramount in large venues. Our fans come with reinforced mounting systems, ensuring they remain securely anchored even during continuous operation.
  • Blade Safety: The blades on our large outdoor fans are designed for performance and safety. Their secure attachment and aerodynamic shape minimize the risk of detachment or breakage.
  • Comprehensive Compliance: Our commitment to excellence ensures that our fans are compliant with all relevant industry and government regulations. Our products undergo rigorous testing to secure certifications, demonstrating our dedication to quality and safety.
  • Regular Safety Audits: To maintain our benchmark of safety, we regularly review and audit our products, ensuring they remain at the forefront of safety innovations and compliance standards.

Installation & Maintenance

We recognize the importance of a seamless installation process and the value of straightforward maintenance. Our large outdoor ceiling fans are designed for optimal performance, ease of setup and long-term care.

  • Effortless Installation: Every Hunter big outdoor fan is accompanied by a comprehensive installation guide, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Our design prioritizes user-friendly installation, reducing the time and resources required and making it a preferred choice for contractors and builders.
  • Dedicated Support: Should you have queries during the installation process, our dedicated support team is just a call away. Their expertise ensures that your fan is up and running in no time.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Designed with longevity in mind, our fans require minimal maintenance. High-quality components resist wear and tear, ensuring our fans operate at peak efficiency with little intervention.
  • Scheduled Servicing: While our fans are built for durability, periodic checks can further extend their lifespan.
  • Guided Maintenance Support: Our commitment to you extends beyond the point of sale. Our experts are available to guide you through any maintenance requirements, ensuring your fan's longevity and consistent performance.
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Choosing the Large Outdoor Fan That's Right for You

Hunter offers an array of large outdoor fans tailored to meet the unique airflow requirements of your establishment:

  • Titan HVLS Ceiling Fan: Boasting an impressive reach of up to 24 feet in diameter, the Titan HVLS fan stands out with its superior performance. The direct-drive motor system ensures a whisper-quiet operation.
  • ECO HVLS Industrial Fan: Crafted with insights from aerospace specialists, the Hunter ECO fan is a blend of economy and efficiency. It promises quiet operation and energy-conserving performance.
  • XP HVLS Ceiling Fan: Perfectly suited for more confined spaces, the Hunter XP fan delivers consistent comfort throughout the year, powered by its highly efficient direct-drive motor.
  • DDI HVLS Fan: Featuring aerodynamic blades that span either 20 or 24 feet, the DDI fan is designed for easy operation and robust air movement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Large Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our outdoor ceiling fans, aimed at providing clarity and assurance as you make your selection.

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