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Livestock Fans

Keeping your animals cool and comfortable is a worthy goal, but Hunter Industrial's livestock fans do so much more. After all, your livestock's comfort directly impacts their productivity, which in turn impacts your profitability. Whether you're raising dairy cows, poultry, or swine, our high-performance barn ceiling fans provide a constant flow of fresh air to keep your livestock healthy as well as happy. Get in touch, and let's get you outfitted with the best livestock fans on the market.

Harnessing the Power of Barn Fans

Contented cows and other livestock thrive in a well-ventilated living space, and our barn fans are designed to offer more than just a breezy refuge. Hunter fans ensure a consistent circulation of air that plays a crucial role in combating environmental factors that could adversely affect your animals. Below are some ways our livestock fans make a difference.

Superior Airflow

Barn fans get a blue ribbon for providing even and efficient air distribution. These cattle fans (which also help horses, sheep, pigs, and goats) actively disperse the air, preventing stagnant zones and guaranteeing uniform airflow. These commercial agricultural fans provide continuous circulation for a refreshing and aerated environment, diminishing the threat of airborne pathogens and respiratory ailments.

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Size & Scale

Efficient Cooling Mechanism

In the sweltering heat of summer, livestock are susceptible to heat distress, compromising their health, comfort, and peak performance. Barn fans offer an adept solution, producing a comforting draft that alleviates overwhelming heat. These large ceiling fans aid in the evaporative cooling process on the animals' skin, assisting in maintaining an optimal body temperature and warding off heat-induced issues.

A Natural Barrier Against Pests

No one wants to put up with flying insects – and your livestock is certainly no exception. Along with being downright annoying, these unwanted bugs pose real health risks to your barn dwellers. Fortunately, livestock ceiling fans act as an organic impediment to these pests. The steady breeze curated by the fans creates a challenging environment for insects, dissuading them from hovering near your animals. The result is a calmer, insect-reduced space, contributing to the tranquility of everyone in the barn – whether they have four feet or two.

Combatting Dust and Unwanted Scents

It's common knowledge that barns can be a hotspot for dust accumulation, a concern for the respiratory health of both livestock and caregivers. Ceiling fans in barns are pivotal in addressing this by keeping airborne dust particles at bay. Livestock fans deter dust from settling, decreasing the presence of potential respiratory triggers. Moreover, the ongoing circulation aids in dispersing undesirable smells, upholding a cleaner and more aromatic barn ambiance.

Advantages of Cattle Fans in Livestock Stalls

While the importance of commercial and industrial High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fans is well understood, the effectiveness of stall and ceiling fans in barns might be less obvious to some. Introducing cattle fans to livestock stalls offers numerous advantages:

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  • Enhanced Air Quality: Barn fans help mitigate the buildup of dust, allergens, and odors, ensuring that both livestock and caregivers experience a purer and more stimulating atmosphere.
  • Energy Conservation: These fans present an eco-friendly solution for preserving air circulation within barns. They utilize minimal power while delivering significant ventilation and climatic adjustment perks.
  • Low-Noise Operation: Cows, like many animals, can be disturbed by abrupt or loud noises. This isn't an issue with Hunter HVLS fans. Our livestock barn fans operate with barely a sound, fostering a tranquil environment within the stalls.
  • Decreased Moisture Levels: With their consistent air movement, cattle fans inhibit the rise of humidity and moisture in the barn. This control minimizes condensation, slashing the potential for mold and mildew growth, which could harm both livestock and barn equipment.
  • Boosted Overall Livestock Health: When you choose to integrate our industrial ceiling fans, you emphasize the health and welfare of your livestock. The superior air quality, effective temperature modulation, pest deterrence, and moisture control all combine to establish a more conducive and pleasant habitat for your animals.
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Selecting the Best Livestock Fans for Your Barn

Hunter provides various livestock fans to match your barn's specific airflow needs:

  • Titan HVLS Ceiling Fans: Featuring advanced performance, these adaptable fans span up to 24 feet in diameter. They incorporate direct-drive motor systems to ensure noiseless functionality.
  • ECO HVLS Industrial Fans: Conceived by aerospace specialists, the Hunter ECO fan delivers cost-effective, silent, and energy-saving ventilation.
  • XP HVLS Ceiling Fans: Perfectly suited for more compact barns, the Hunter XP fan promises comfort throughout the year, powered by its efficient direct-drive motor.
  • DDI HVLS Fans: DDI fans have aerodynamically optimized blade sizes of 20 and 24 feet and are crafted for straightforward functionality and robust air distribution.
  • Jan Fan Air Circulator: For smaller, concentrated spaces that don't require a large ceiling fan, consider the Jan Fan. Mount it on a wall or ceiling, or add the pedestal to move it around the barn. It puts a blast of refreshing air right where you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Livestock Fans

We've provided answers to some of the common questions we've received about livestock fans. Please contact us if you'd like additional information.

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