Installation Ease of Titan Fan - Hunter Industrial

Hunter Industrial's line of HVLS fans are among the industry's easiest to install

4E (Eagle Electrical Engineering Enterprise) is a full-service engineering design, manufacturing and consulting firm specializing in the electrical and factory automation sectors. They serve as a certified third-party installer for Hunter Industrial. The company recently underwent an installment training process by installing a 14´ Titan fan in their own facility. Since installing the fan in their manufacturing assembly space, they’ve gone on to install Titan fans for other customers in the area and have been continually impressed with the ease of installation, lightweight motor, and innovative engineering.

The Hunter Industrial control system mounted to a beam

Benefits of the Titan Fan in 4E's Facility

4E Manufacturing Manager Tom Riffle and his team wanted to add the Titan fan to the non–air-conditioned facility to create a more comfortable work environment in the summer months. Riffle also anticipates that the Titan will help to lower heating costs in the winter as it moves the warm air down.

As an installer, there were also added benefits to having the Titan fan in their workspace. They allow any customers to come into the space and experience the fan firsthand.

On bringing potential customers into the space, Riffle says, “We’ve had very positive reactions. People are impressed with the airflow. You can’t recreate that with any literature.”

Titan Fan Installment Process

Riffle and his team used the 14´ fan in their space as a training tool, and the installers were impressed with how easily and quickly the installment process went.

“From a mechanical standpoint, it’s a really solid design. The blade installation is so simple since they snap right into place,” said Riffle. “It all goes together very nicely. The turnbuckles snuggle right up to the fan, which makes adjustments very simple for us. Two thumbs up.”

"From a mechanical standpoint, it's a really solid design."

David Dykes

Riffle’s team recently installed a 24´ Titan fan for a customer and, according to Riffle, the fan installation process only took about an hour and half with one installer. Riffle noted that the lightweight motor is easily lifted by the lift, and there is peace of mind in the fact that they don’t have to worry about oils or fluids.

On the electrical component, Riffle says, “The fan already comes with a plug and that goes right into the receptacle. Because of this it wouldn’t necessarily require an electrician, which is great for the customer.”