HVLS Fans Improve Employee Retention - Hunter Industrial

In a recent issue of Forbes magazine, a reader posed a question to a columnist asking what were the most important things to look for in a new job. While many of these considerations focused on what the reader was looking for in a job, the tenth was more universal: “Is the physical work environment pleasant, well-lit, and comfortable?” Not only is this an important employee consideration, it is also a must for all employers to consider. Why? Employee retention.

Estimates vary on the cost of employee replacement, ranging from $15,000 per employee to as much as two times the employee’s salary. Not only is direct cost a factor, but taking into consideration the cost of losing your most reliable employees, team morale, and potentially customer relationships, employee retention should be at the top of every employer's mind.

Research shows that employees who are satisfied with their work environments are 16% more productive, 18% more likely to be loyal to their company, and 30% more attracted to their company over competitors. Though how you tackle comfort may be unique to each workplace, the desire for comfort and safety is universal. Let’s explore comfort and safety specific to industrial manufacturing and how an HVLS fan can help you keep your employees happy and healthy.

Temperature Control

The American Psychiatric Association found in a 2012 study that 93% of employees who reported feeling valued were motivated to do their best at work and 88% reported feeling more engaged. While there are many ways to speak value to your employees, maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature — especially in industrial facilities — can speak volumes. In fact, a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that air quality and comfortable temperatures were in the top four office perks requested by employees.

Because of its size and the low speed at which it functions, an HVLS fan is better able to stabilize the temperature using less energy than a traditional floor fan. HVLS fans are also reversible like most ceiling fans, allowing temperature control in both winter and summer months. In addition, by increasing airflow, an HVLS fan can help control the level of humidity in the room, which makes the effective temperature (the combined effect of temperature, humidity, and air motion on the body) of the room comfortable and consistent.

Enhanced Safety

Staying vigilant about workplace safety is another way to ensure employee retention. If an employee feels unsafe in a work environment, whether due to recurring accidents or lack of clarity in safety procedures, employee morale will also suffer, leading to an increase in employee turnover. That, coupled with downtime due to absenteeism or legal repercussions of an unsafe environment, should make safety a top concern.

Reduction in risk after a spill, good ventilation, and keeping cords and other machinery out of the way are all key to maintaining a safe workplace. Fortunately, HVLS fans offer enhanced safety features that help eliminate tripping hazards (considered a top workplace safety concern) and reduce direct interaction between your employees and the fan since it's mounted on the ceiling.

When considering a cost-effective way to enhance facility safety, an HVLS fan is a simple and easy option. With consistent airflow and humidity control, spills and leaks are easier to clean up. Also, circulation provided by an HVLS fan keeps the air from becoming stale, reducing chances of airborne illnesses being passed from employee to employee. Finally, an HVLS fan provides safer operation than many floor fans because its wiring is not on the ground — reducing the risk of employee trips and falls.

Considering the direct and indirect costs associated with employee replacement, an investment in employee comfort and satisfaction can have a noticeable impact on your bottom line. With our lowest first cost to install among major competitors, one of the easiest installations in the business, a maintenance-free platform, and enhanced safety features, Hunter HVLS fans are a cost-effective solution for creating a work environment that people want to return to, day after day.

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