Titan Fan Provides Temperature Control - Hunter Industrial

Before Installation

After launching their microbrewery business two years ago, Little Harpeth Brewery, located in Nashville, TN, quickly discovered that their 10,000 square foot space became unbearably hot in the warmer months. Relying on only barrel fans and box fans for air movement, the large space was sweltering when temperatures and humidity points were high. The stagnant heat was affecting both the staff and the guests visiting the taproom.

Because the brewery was located in an older facility, the sheet metal roof had a low load capacity. Any object that was to be mounted to the ceiling would need to be approved by a structural engineer and the building owner. Brewery founder Michael Kwas set out to find a lightweight, cost effective cooling solution that could be properly retrofit into the older space, given the structural concerns.

"The guywires were very easy to install...the way the components connected together was very well thought out."

Steve Scoville

After Installation

After looking at the different high volume low speed fans on the market, Kwas decided to have two 18 foot Titan fans installed in the taproom and the production room. The structural engineer was impressed with how light the Titan was compared to other industrial fans on the market and gave his approval to have them installed.

Before the fans were installed, Kwas and his team had considered closing the taproom due to the extreme heat. With the fans now providing a nice breeze, they were able to keep the taproom open for business even in the hottest summer months. “After installing the fans, we noticed that guests would mingle and have another round of beers,” said Kwas. “We saw an immediate return on investment in that aspect.”

Head Brewer Steve Scoville installed both fans and said the installation process only took about an hour for each. “The guywires were very easy to install,” said Scoville. “The way the components connected together was very well thought out.”

When brewing and transferring beers, the staff hoses down the floor to remove any chemicals. Although they didn’t anticipate it, the fan dried the floors much faster than before. Thrilled with the benefits of the two new fans, Kwas says he’s been recommending them to other brewers in the region.