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We are now well-into the new year, and for gym owners, it is time to face a cold hard fact: gym members who signed up as a New Year’s Resolution are starting to fade away. The good news is there are many things a gym owner can do to mitigate this trend. Introducing engaging fitness programs, examining the quality and availability of equipment, adjusting pricing, and creating a welcoming and clean environment are all ways to keep those members active. In fact, the solution may be as simple as installing high-quality commercial gym fans.

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Reasons Gym Members Leave (and how to get them to stay!)

It happens every year; those new faces show up for a few weeks, get in some good workouts, and things seem extremely positive. But then attendance numbers start to drop off. Whether they give up on their fitness goals, find another fitness facility, or are part of a growing number of Americans that have elected to work out from home, this trend is familiar to many gym owners and managers.

The problem is not a lack of interest in fitness. The truth is one in five Americans are members of some sort of fitness program or gym. But the sad truth for gym owners that new customers are likely to abandon their membership within the first year, or, as Science Direct puts it, “only 22% of members attend a health and fitness venue after a year of membership.”

Here are a few common reasons why gym members give up on a fitness facility, and what can be done about it:

Lack of Engagement

You may have a state-of-the-art facility with all the best amenities, but members are much more likely to leave if they don’t feel engaged. This is especially true for those who are newly starting their fitness journey.

Offering group classes is one of the best ways to engage members. It incorporates structure into a fitness routine and allows new members to feel they are part of a community. Studies show that, “85% of fitness club members visit their facility twice a week to engage in group classes, while 43% visit 4 times a week for the same purpose.”

Many popular gyms and fitness programs offer seasonal challenges designed specifically to get those New Year’s Resolution members into a routine. Orange Theory offers their Transformation Challenge, Peloton encourages users to participate in their 2023 Annual Challenge, and many YMCA locations incorporate a 90-Day Challenge to get members through those first few months.

Low Quality or Unavailability of Equipment

This one is tricky because gyms receive an influx of new members at the beginning of the year, which means the most popular fitness machines are more likely to experience high use. While overall this is a good problem to have (you want your members to use the equipment!), it also can be frustrating for those who must wait an extensive amount of time.

First things first; fix broken equipment as soon as possible. It is one thing to have to wait to use a treadmill or an elliptical trainer, but it makes it even worse if members see equipment with “Out of Order” signs taped on. When a machine breaks, get it fixed ASAP. Losing members costs far more than hiring a handyman.

Second, pay attention to what equipment gets the most use, and if there are any machines that tend to be neglected. Maybe you notice that, at peak hours, all the treadmills are taken, but there are unused stationary bikes or stair climbers. It may be time to switch out some of the rarely used equipment to get more of what is popular.

Too Expensive

In the United States, the average month cost for a gym membership is just over $50 a month, with a yearly total of around $600. Some gyms advertise prices as low as $10 a month, while high-end facilities can be $200-plus.

The key here is to make sure that the PERKS of membership are in line with the COST of membership. Those gyms that can pull in over $200 in monthly fees per-member? Many of them boast saunas, lounges, personal training, and other amenities. Make sure to be intentional about what you are charging, and that members feel they are getting good value.

Uncomfortable or Unsanitary Environment

This is a big one, and it is often overlooked. We go to the gym to get sweaty and feel uncomfortable, right? Well, that may be part of it, but just because the exercises may be strenuous doesn’t mean that the gym environment cannot feel welcoming.

Studies have shown that there is a significant increase in airborne chemicals in areas where humans are working out and spraying down equipment. These unpleasant vapors are what lead to that “gym smell” that we all know so well. Gym members pick up on these odors the moment they walk through the door.

Another thing to consider: did you know that the best temperature in which to work out is between 68-72 degrees? An environment that is too hot or humid is not only uncomfortable for gym-goers, but it can lead directly to heat stroke or over-exhaustion.

So, what can be done? The solution here is surprisingly simple: commercial ceiling fans for gyms. There are a few different options depending on the size of your facility.

For those buildings with large, open ceilings, we recommend large, industrial ceiling fans known as HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fans. These industrial gym fans generate airflow that is felt all throughout a facility, create a cooling effect of up to 10°F, and mitigate the effects of humidity and odors. For slightly smaller spaces, or spaces with shorter ceilings, we recommend commercial fans for gyms like the Hunter Trak fan. Read more about ceiling fan for gyms HERE.

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