Titan HVLS Fan Improves Air Quality - Hunter Industrial

Before Installation

Operating out of Douglas, Georgia, Elixir Extrusions supplies aluminum extrusions and fabricated components to a variety of industries, including construction, transportation, machinery and equipment, and electrical just to name a few. A complete manufacturer's supplier, their fully integrated aluminum extrusion and fabrication facility uses state-of-the-art equipment. From extrusion, to their CNC-based fabrication department, to finishing, specification, assembling and packaging, Elixir ships its custom-made components ready for the production line.

In a facility where humidity is a byproduct of the company’s processes, stagnant air was a major pain point for CFO Donny Bradshaw and his team. Poor air quality––which includes an excess of hot or cold air, indoor pollutants and stagnant air––can cause labored breathing and illness in employees. In fact, according to a recent Harvard Business Review survey, 58 percent of workers desire air quality as the number one wellness perk in their workplace.

Donny knew he needed a solution to create purer air quality and produce stronger airflow for his employees. The previous direct mount fans he tried only disturbed the packing material and paperwork without effectively circulating air throughout the entire facility.

After Installation

After discovering Hunter Industrial, Donny was impressed with the quality of the product and the intentionality behind the design. He ordered two of Hunter Industrial’s Titan 24” fans for his 110,000-square-foot facility.

Titan Hunter large industrial fan in Georgia facility Elixir Extrusion

There has since been no issue with packaging supplies moving or stagnant air. Donny has even seen a temperature difference since installing the industrial ceiling fans.

“Depending on the time of day, we’ve recorded from 16 to 22 degrees temperature differentials after the installation of the fans. These differentials were measured from the floor with an infrared thermometer,” said Donny.

Another perk for Donny and his team is that Hunter Industrial’s fans make virtually no noise. “They are quieter than the ambient noise of the plant, so they do not disrupt work and communication.”

When asked if Donny was pleased with the HVLS fans in his facility, he noted: “We absolutely will be putting fans in the rest of the buildings. We plan on putting four to six of Hunter’s industrial fans in South Georgia Anodizing (a subsidiary company of Elixir Extrusions), then doing the same in Elixir’s fabrication expansion building.”