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Ventilation issues inside large, enclosed spaces such as warehouses lead to temperature regulation problems, creating further problems with your warehousing operations. Leaving these issues unaddressed leads to numerous other problems, including:
  • Food spoilage
  • Corrosion of equipment
  • Degradation of chemical quality
  • Spread of dangerous vapors inside the facility
  • Uncomfortable and potentially hazardous working conditions for employees
    These issues continue to persist as long as warehouses’ heating and cooling challenges remain unsolved. This is why most warehousing operations install large warehouse fans to improve ventilation. In this blog, we delve into the various cooling problems experienced by warehouses and introduce solutions that help improve the conditions inside these large spaces.

    Common Cooling Problems in Warehouses

    Warehouses frequently have heating and cooling issues because they are not built to withstand extreme temperatures. In addition, the simple design of warehouses does not include insulation, which is why they can feel too hot during the summer as the sun continuously beams down on the roof. In effect, warehouses frequently experience the following problems:

    Stagnant Air

    Air velocity is one factor that affects thermal comfort. If the air velocity within a given space falls below the comfortable limit, being within that space tends to feel uncomfortable. Inside warehouses, the air remains stagnant due to the lack of ventilation. And without any means to trigger movement in the air, warehouse employees continue to work in an uncomfortable environment. The problem is compounded in the summer heat.

    An easy solution to this problem is the installation of warehouse ceiling fans. Warehouse ceiling fans, such as HVLS fans, move large volumes of air within a given space, which helps increase air velocity. In effect, indoor air quality improves, and the comfort level of employees increases.

    High Humidity

    Humidity is defined as the amount of moisture present in the air in the form of water vapor. The more water vapor is present in the air, the higher the humidity. And when humidity is high, the more difficult it is for sweat to evaporate, making it more uncomfortable for warehouse employees and guests.

    Peak levels of discomfort are often experienced during days when temperatures and humidity are high. This is attributed to a feeling of being “humid.” In these conditions, people often feel it’s harder to breathe, leading to various health problems. Comfort standards suggest that the relative humidity range should be between 40% and 70%. However, this is still subject to the dew point. Regardless, bringing down humidity levels inside a space impacts the comfort level considerably. Since dehumidifiers are expensive to operate and maintain, a big warehouse fan (HVLS) is your best course of action as they effectively reduce humidity levels by improving airflow

    Uncomfortable Air Temperatures

    The temperature directly impacts thermal comfort levels since cooler temperatures tend to be more comfortable than hot temperatures. This is why productivity levels tend to dip during the summer as the temperature increases. To deal with temperature issues, some warehouses prefer to install large air conditioning units or industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to reduce temperature levels. However, these systems are extremely expensive to install and cost too much to operate and maintain.

    As a better alternative, HVLS warehouse fans offer effective cooling capabilities by taking advantage of the principle of evaporative cooling. By improving airflow inside the space, anyone can feel more comfortable by altering their perceived comfort levels even at the same temperature. Warehouse industrial cooling fans can be used as a standalone cooling system or in conjunction with existing HVAC systems to reduce their overall cooling load, which translates to more savings. 

    Inefficient Air Distribution

    One problem with HVAC systems is that cold or heated air is fed into a single point in a given space, which requires a considerable amount of time for the temperature in the entire facility to change. This results in pockets or areas with insufficient cooling.

    This can be remedied by installing an extensive network of ductwork for better air distribution, which is expensive. However, even with ductwork, these pockets will still exist, depending on certain factors. Using warehouse cooling fans to support your HVAC system helps eliminate these pockets without requiring extensive ductwork. With the strategic placement of the HVLS warehouse fan, cooled air reaches corners that haven’t been reached previously, ensuring more efficient distribution of air.

    Temperature Stratification

    Stratification occurs because cold air sinks while hot air rises, which creates temperature gradients within a given space. In these cases, the bottom layer has the lowest temperature while the top layer has the higher temperature. This is especially problematic during winter since employees are subjected to temperatures way below their comfort levels.

    The stratification problem is solved by using an HVLS fan for warehouse heating. HVLS fans also work in reverse, pulling in cooler air and mixing with the heated air at the top layer. This regulated air is then redistributed throughout the facility, creating a more comfortable heated environment for all.

    Solve Your Warehouse Cooling Issues with a Sustainable Solution

    Warehouse fans are the most effective and efficient way to create more comfortable warehouse environments. By providing high volumes of low-velocity air, building occupants and employees are able to enjoy a more comfortable working environment, improving overall productivity in a facility. Meanwhile, businesses save on capital expenditures and operating costs due to the low cost of installing and operating HVLS warehouse cooling fans.

    If you require a dependable cooling solution for your warehouse, look no further than Hunter Industrial. As the pioneer of the industrial ceiling fan, you can rely on the Hunter legacy to provide solutions that suit your facility’s needs. Talk to us by calling 1-844-591-3267 or reach us through our website.