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Keeping the supply chain operating smoothly and efficiently is more critical than ever. An unsafe or uncomfortable working environment can hurt your ability to retain employees, which will lead to increased costs. Installing large ceiling fans in your warehouse is a simple way to keep your facility running at peak performance, while also ensuring the safety and comfort of your employees.


Employee Retention

Working in a warehouse can be a difficult, physically demanding job. It requires well-trained, highly skilled, reliable employees. While much is expected of these individuals, the very environment in which these employees are required to work can oftentimes be uncomfortable, especially in the hot summer months. Something as simple as an uncomfortable working environment can be the reason an employee might decide to leave one warehouse job and search for another. Installing large warehouse fans can lead directly to increased employee retention.


TITAN HVLS fan in a warehouse


Hunter Industrial & Commercial fans can create an even, more comfortable environment for your employees year-round. Our high-volume, low-speed fans, like our TITAN and ECO models, can generate a cooling effect of 6-8 degrees, even in the hot summer months. These large warehouse fans can help regulate the environment of your facility. In addition to our HVLS fans, we also offer Jan Fan Industrial Air Circulators. Jan Fan products come in a variety of sizes and with multiple mounting options and are some of the most reliable people and process coolers on the market.


Improved Safety

Large warehouse fans can improve your facility’s safety in a variety of ways. The cooling effect alone can dramatically reduce the risk of heat stroke or exhaustion, or other heat related injuries, and help mitigate “Sick Building Syndrome.” But that is not the only benefit that proper airflow can provide. The air circulation created by HVLS fans increases the rate at which moisture evaporates. This means that spills disappear quicker, reducing the risk of injury from slips and falls.


Our HVLS fans are built with a direct drive motor, which means there is zero risk of oil leakage, and are safety tested to the highest standards. The Jan Fan product line comes in safety yellow and silver, which reduces the risk that the fans can be hit by machinery.

 Jan Fan in a warehouse


Financial Savings 

As we have already covered, large warehouse fans can lead directly to increased employee retention. This can lower the rate at which new employees need to be hired and trained and decrease the associated costs. Hunter HVLS fans can also lead to direct energy savings throughout the year. In the hot summer months, the cooling effect generated by these products can decrease the burden on your air conditioning system. But the savings doesn’t stop when summer is over! Our fans are specially designed to pull heat from the ceiling on colder days and redistribute the warmth throughout your warehouse. This can reduce your heating costs by as much as 30%!


Additionally, our 700E Environmental Controller comes with floor and ceiling temperature and humidity sensors, which gives you total control over your facility’s fan network and allows you to automate the entire process.



Installing large warehouse fans allows you to take control of some of the most critical aspects of your business. By working with Hunter Industrial & Commercial, you know that you are partnering with one of the most trusted names in the business.   

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