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A simple step to improve every area of your facility

We know employee safety and satisfaction are always a top concern. Adding a Hunter Industrial Fan to your space does more than add airflow. With the addition of an industrial ceiling fan, you’ll see a world of benefits come to light, from increased happiness and productivity to safer working conditions. Whether you need a single fan or an entire fleet, Hunter Industrial Fans make it simple and easy to elevate your business for you and your staff.


You know that proper training, adequate signage, and clear safety protocols are essential to keeping your employees safe when they’re on the job. However, now is the time to take that safety a step further. Hunter Industrial Fans were inspired by hard work and designed for real-life: that’s why they’re perfect for reducing slippery surfaces. By bringing constant and consistent airflow into your facility, these high-volume low-speed fans are ideal for keeping surfaces dry, which keeps your staff safe and reduces the risk of injury. Plus, adding consistent airflow, keeping moisture levels low, and elevating indoor air quality help reduce the risk of sick building syndrome, another step in keeping your employees safe and healthy.


We know that keeping your workers comfortable and happy is key to any good work environment. That’s why our fans have been carefully engineered to create the ideal temperature in any climate. With a 6-8° cooling effect, these industrial HVLS fans work hard to keep employees cool and comfortable even in hotter weather or climate, great for reducing the risk of heat-related injury or illness. In colder areas, these commercial fans pull trapped, warmer air from the ceiling to create a warmer environment for your staff, which also cuts down heating costs by as much as 30% - a win for everyone.


By creating a better, more comfortable working environment, you not only increase employee satisfaction and safety but also increase productivity. Cooler temperatures, consistent airflow, and reduced moisture are all ways to help keep your team moving at peak performance levels. However, Hunter Industrial Fans go beyond keeping your staff happy and healthy. By diminishing residual moisture, these HVLS fans help keep your equipment in good condition and running smoothly, plus the constant, consistent airflow deters pests and odors from settling in your space and slowing down production.


When it comes to upping the levels of happiness, safety, and motivation for your team, don’t underestimate the power of air and atmosphere. Creating constant and consistent airflow is a sure-fire way to elevate the satisfaction and health of your employees while also taking care of your building and equipment (and cutting down on a few utility costs as well). So, if you’re wondering how to truly take care of your team, just look up - Hunter Fans will do the rest.

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