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It's no secret that improved airflow equals better workflow. Employees doing their jobs in comfort are more productive – and that's where Hunter Industrial and Commercial workstation fans come into the picture. Our work fans provide a powerful burst of air where it's needed most. We engineered these mounted workstation fans for industrial settings like warehouses, factories, and other large, open spaces using innovative technology and high-quality materials. Whether you need stationary models or oscillating wall-mount industrial fans, Hunter has the solution to bring a breath of fresh air to your space. 

Benefits of Choosing Hunter Work Fans for Your Space

Stepping into a workspace equipped with Hunter work fans, one immediately notices the difference. The atmosphere is fresher, cooler, and more vibrant – a direct result of the advanced design and functionality of our fans. Among these fans, three models stand out as optimal workstation fans: the Jan Fan, Orbital Wall Fan and the Pedestal Fan.

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Jan Fan

A stalwart in efficiency and durability, the Jan Fan is designed for industrial environments where robust and reliable air circulation is key. This fan combines powerful airflow with a user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for manufacturing plants and other industrial settings.

  • Optimized Air Movement: The Jan Fan is a powerhouse when it comes to circulating air. Its design is focused on maximizing airflow and creating a comfortable and cooler environment, which is essential for maintaining productivity in industrial settings.
  • Built for Durability: In demanding industrial workspaces, durability is essential. The Jan Fan is crafted to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring its longevity.
  • Adjustable Speed Options: Flexibility is at the forefront with the Jan Fan, which has multiple speed settings. This allows users to tailor the fan's output to the specific needs of different areas within the workspace, whether it requires a gentle breeze or a more robust airflow.
  • User-Friendly Design: Ease of use is another hallmark of the Jan Fan. Its intuitive design ensures that anyone in the workspace can operate it without complex training, making it a practical choice for various industrial environments.

Orbital Wall Fan

When space is premium and efficient air distribution is needed, the Orbital Wall Fan excels. This model is perfect for automotive shops and other areas requiring a space-saving solution without compromising on air quality and coverage.

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  • Efficient Oscillation: The orbital wall fan's oscillating feature is a game changer. It ensures a more even distribution of air throughout the space, eliminating hot spots, and creating a more uniformly comfortable environment.
  • Space-Saving Configuration: Ideal for workspaces where floor space is at a premium, these oscillating wall-mount industrial fans free up valuable real estate. This feature is particularly desirable in crowded or compact areas.
  • Energy Efficiency: Operating with an eye on energy consumption, this fan is a testament to cost-effective cooling. Its energy-efficient design leads to lower electricity bills, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious facilities.
  • Robust and Reliable: Designed to meet the challenges of industrial settings, the orbital wall fan is robust and reliable. Its construction is geared toward enduring the rigors of daily use in various industrial settings.
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Pedestal Fan

These fans might have a traditional look, but they pack a punch with powerful and focused airflow, ideal for spaces that require enhanced air circulation. For added convenience, these fans can be transformed into wall-mounted units with our wall-mounting kit (sold separately). We have two types of industrial floor fans: our classic pedestal fan and the oscillating outdoor pedestal fan, which can be upgraded with an optional misting kit for extra cooling.

How to Select the Right Fan for Your Workspace

Choosing the ideal fan for your workspace involves several factors that ensure you get the best fit for your specific needs. Hunter offers a range of options, including mounted workstation fans, each designed to cater to different industrial environments. Here are some key considerations to guide you in selecting the right fan:

  • Assess Your Space: Look at the layout and size of your workspace. An industrial wall-mounted fan is ideally suited for workstations and other spaces that require more compact work fans, while expansive areas are better served by ceiling shop fans, which provide greater air circulation capacity. 
  • Understand Your Needs: Are you looking to improve air quality, reduce humidity, or lower temperatures? Different fans offer varying features that cater to these specific requirements.
  • Consider the Installation: Think about where the fan will be placed. Mounted workstation fans save floor space, while freestanding models offer flexibility in positioning.

Ideal applications for workstation fans:

  • IT Server Rooms: For these critical areas, consistent and reliable air circulation is key to prevent equipment from overheating.
  • Commercial Kitchens: High temperatures and odors in these spaces require powerful air movement from an industrial wall-mounted fan.
  • Automotive Workshops: Large, open spaces like these benefit from fans that effectively move air over vast areas.
  • Retail Spaces: Here, comfort is king. Fans should provide good air circulation without being overly disruptive.
  • Fitness Centers: Ensuring a cool and well-ventilated environment is essential for workout spaces.
  • Warehouses: Large industrial work fans efficiently circulate air in these expansive areas, improving worker comfort and product storage conditions.
  • Offices: Highly efficient, quiet workstation fans are ideal for maintaining a comfortable working environment without noise disruption.
  • Healthcare Facilities: A clean, well-circulated air environment is crucial for patients' and staff's well-being.
  • Educational Institutions: Require efficient air circulation to maintain a comfortable learning environment.
  • Event and Trade Show Organizers: Need versatile work fans that adapt to various event spaces and crowd sizes.

Going the Extra Mile

Our Customer Support Team is here for you every step of the way, from the moment you inquire about our floor-standing fans through purchase, installation, and post-purchase support. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you. We offer comprehensive guidance on product selection, detailed installation assistance, and prompt responses to maintenance queries. Our warranty on standing fans – coupled with our approachable customer service team – ensures that your experience with Hunter is smooth and hassle-free. Trust in Hunter Industrial for top-tier industrial fans, along with a customer service experience that sets industry standards.


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Workstation Fans: Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we've addressed some common questions concerning workstation fans. Please contact us for additional information.

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Jan Fan Quick & Easy Assembly!

Jan Fan offers the perfect solution for your air circulation and lighting requirements.

Each fan is equipped with a motor that's powerful but also lightweight, simplifying the mounting process.