Hunter Fans Spotlight: The TITAN HVLS Industrial Fan

Maintaining a safe, comfortable, and productive work environment is critical for any industry. This is especially true for large, open spaces, like warehouses, factories, and fitness centers, where the environment is difficult to control. Installing the Titan industrial fan from Hunter is a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way to take control of your environment.

Titan HVLS fan

What are Industrial Fans?

The Titan industrial fan comes from a family of large ceiling fans known as HVLS fans. HVLS stands for High-Volume, Low-Speed, and it refers to the fan’s ability to move massive amounts of air at low rotational speed. And did we mention that these fans are big? We will discuss size options more later, but the largest Titan HVLS fans are available in an impressive 24-foot diameter. This is over 5.5 times larger than the average ceiling fan you would find in your living room or bedroom!

While there are many benefits to installing HVLS fans in your facility, for the purposes of this blog, let’s narrow the list down to the big four:

  • Cools when hot, recirculates heat when cold.
  • Reduces the effects of humidity.
  • Cost savings.
  • Reduce the effects of odors.

For more detailed information on what large diameter fans like the Titan can help you achieve, check out THIS ARTICLE.

Cools when hot, recirculates heat when cold.

Industrial fans like the Titan HVLS fan generate a cooling effect of up to 10ºF! This is a game changer on hot summer days. Studies have shown that as temperatures creep up into the 80s, productivity rapidly decreases. Not only that, but an uncomfortable working environment is one of the leading reasons for employee turnover. 

HVLS fan benefits don’t end with summer! In the cooler months, reversing your fans rotation recirculates heat that is trapped at the ceiling, bringing that warm air down into the workspace and decreasing the burden on your HVAC system.

Reduce the effects of humidity.

By generating constant, reliable airflow, large diameter industrial ceiling fans like the Hunter Titan mitigate the effects of humidity, creating a more pleasant space for your employees. Airflow also increases the rate at which moisture evaporates, meaning that spills and slick floors don’t stick around for as long. Having control over the level of humidity in your workspace can also reduce product spoilage and decrease rust damage.

Cost Savings.  

HVLS fans reduce winter heating and summer cooling expenses by as much as 30%, and cost just pennies an hour to operate. These large fans are much more affordable than attempting to cool a warehouse using air conditioning alone and will help you save on costs linked with energy, employee turnover, product loss, and more.

Reduce the effects of odors.

Industrial fans reduce the unpleasant and harmful effects of odors, vapors, and steam. Depending on the application, this can be an absolute gamechanger. For gyms or fitness and recreation facilities, this leads to a more welcoming experience for guests. For automotive shops, chemical plants, or anywhere that deals with potentially harmful fumes, HVLS fans like the Hunter Titan are a necessity.

Hunter Titan HVLS fan

Titan HVLS Fan Benefits

The Titan HVLS fan from Hunter Industrial & Commercial is the gold standard when it comes to big industrial fans. It is available in diameters ranging from 14’ to 24’ feet and features five blades designed by aerospace engineers. Titan boasts a patented structural-grade steel blade-holder, which not only locks the blades in place with a redundant safety system, but it also ensures that they will be at the perfect pitch every time. 

These industrial fans move an impressive amount of air, all while being incredibly quiet. And did we mention that Titan is the best looking HVLS fan on the market? Titan’s sleek, industrial design allows it to blend into any application. (Hunter also offers custom color options for those wishing to make a statement!)

Hunter offers a variety of control options to meet the needs of any facility, whether you need to control one fan or program a network of thirty. Learn more about Hunter’s control options HERE.

Titan HVLS fans are available in multiple input power voltages, and can be mounted on I-beams, purlin structures, Unistrut, or glulam beams. Titan fans weigh far less than the competition, which means they can be mounted quicker and with less manpower and machinery. Titan comes standard with Hunter’s patented adjustable downrod, which gives the purchaser confidence the fans will fit their space and avoid any obstructions. 

Download Titan spec sheets to learn more!

What kind of businesses benefit the most from industrial fans? Really, any large, open space will improve with reliable airflow. Here are just a few industries that Titan is ideally suited for:

Titan HVLS fan distillery

The Hunter Support Team Exists for Business Owners

Hunter is a trailblazer in the ceiling fan industry, with over 137 years of experience to draw from. We know that simply offering the best products on the market is not enough. We pride ourselves in our customer support. From order and delivery to installation and cleaning, we are there when you need us. We keep our warehouse fully stocked and ready, with most orders shipping within TEN DAYS. Our products are built to last, and we back our HVLS fans with an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty!

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