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The adjustable downrod is an innovation that incorporates telescoping design and industrial grade bolts to ensure ease of installation and confidence in quality.

Let’s say you have made the decision to take your business to the next level by adding industrial ceiling fans. You’ve read all about how HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fan technology can make your facility a safer place to work. You understand how industrial fans can aid in employee retention. You’re looking forward to the financial savings (up to 30% heating costs!) you will attain by decreasing the burden on your HVAC system. Now you are just trying to decide which ceiling fan manufacturer is best for you.

In other words, why go with Hunter Industrial & Commercial?

We pride ourselves in putting the needs of our customers first. That is why we have put time and effort into researching, designing, and testing a new feature that will make the process of ordering and installing our industrial fans easier for YOU. You are looking at your ceiling and saying, “okay, yeah, I know I want to install some of those big fans. But how do I know if they will fit? How do I know how much distance there needs to be between the fan and the ceiling? Or between the fan and any other obstructions, like sprinklers or racking?”

The downrod is the part of the fan that connects the motor to the mounting plate. It is what makes sure your fan is appropriately spaced from the ceiling, or any other obstruction, and ensures proper airflow above and below the fan. Up until now, the measurement of the downrod has been set at fixed lengths. You could order one of a few different options that come with the fan, but it had to be known ahead of time which length was appropriate. That is how we did it, and that is how every other industrial fan manufacturer still does it.

Introducing the Adjustable Downrod.

The Adjustable Downrod allows our customers to order with confidence. By giving the installer the option to extend the downrod to different lengths, you can rest easy knowing that when your new Hunter Industrial fan arrives, it will perfectly fit your space.

When it comes to installing your new fan, Hunter HVLS products are easier, less time consuming, and require less manpower and machinery than the competition. Now with the Adjustable Downrod, installation of Hunter Industrial & Commercial fans is even easier. Imagine buying an industrial fan from a competitor, renting the machinery, and hiring a crew, only to discover on the day of delivery that the downrod is the wrong length. With the Adjustable Downrod, that problem has been solved.

The Adjustable Downrod has been thoroughly tested for toughness and durability for two times the products lifecycle. We applied 150 foot-pounds of torque and pull tested to six times the weight of the fan to ensure that the Adjustable Downrod has the same Hunter quality for which we are known. This is the only product like it on the market, and truly sets Hunter Industrial & Commercial apart from the competition.

And the best part? ALL Hunter Titan and ECO HVLS fans, from this point forward, will be sold with the Adjustable Downrod. This is not an upgrade we are asking our customers to cough up extra dough for. We believe that this product will make the entire process easier for you, so we are including it for ALL our Titan and ECO fans. That is just the way we do things.

Our support does not stop after your purchase. We have the industry’s strongest warranty, the fastest lead times, and the best customer support. You can order with confidence when you order with Hunter Industrial & Commercial.

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