Hunter Fans Spotlight: The XP HVLS Industrial Fan

Maintaining a safe and comfortable environment is vital for any business, large or small. This is especially true for buildings with tall ceilings, where the air conditioning just doesn’t seem to cut it. Installing industrial ceiling fans, like the Hunter XP, is an easy and inexpensive way to tackle these issues, giving business owners even more control over their environment.

Hunter XP fan

How Do Industrial Fans Work?

The Hunter XP  is a large diameter industrial ceiling fan known as an HVLS fan. HVLS stands for High-Volume, Low-Speed, and it refers to the way that these fans move A LOT of air, even though they may not look like they are spinning all that fast (especially when compared to the fans you see in your house). 

HVLS fans get the air moving all throughout your facility, not just in one concentrated direction. This air movement is beneficial in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the airflow generated by HVLS fans creates a cooling effect of up to 10ºF, which makes the environment much more pleasant for employees and guests. These big fans also recirculate heat when it is cold out, which warms your environment and decreases the burden on your HVAC system. In short, when it is hot and humid, your space will feel cooler, and when it is cold outside, your space will feel more comfortable. 

Industrial ceiling fans also help to mitigate the effect of unpleasant or dangerous odors or fumes, which is why the Hunter XP HVLS fan has found a home in many gyms and automotive garages. Ultimately, all these benefits work together to save the business owner financially by creating a safe, comfortable, and productive workplace.

XP HVLS fan gym

What Makes the Hunter XP Stand Out?

The Hunter XP HVLS fan is designed specifically for those who need the power and performance of a large industrial fan in a compact environment. Think gyms, bars, event venues, and garages. The XP fan is available in the smallest sizes possible to still be considered an HVLS fan, with diameters ranging from 7’ to 14’. Don’t let the XP fan’s small size fool you; even the smallest XP can move over six times more air (measured in cubic feet per minute) than the average residential ceiling fan!

The main thing with the XP HVLS ceiling fan is that it is easy to install. It mounts on standard Unistrut framing and plugs into a standard US 120V outlet. The XP fan’s smaller size means that it has no need for guy wires, which makes installation that much easier.

But don’t take our word for it! Hear more about how easy the XP industrial fan is to install from our friend Bogi of Girl Gang Garage:  

Just like the other HVLS fans in Hunter’s lineup, the XP comes with a direct drive motor (no oil spills!), industrial strength components, redundant safety features, and Hunter’s impressive selection of control options, which allow you to control multiple fans with the touch of a button.

What Businesses Benefit from HVLS Fans?

There is really no wrong answer here. Almost any business with a tall ceiling can experience an improved environment with HVLS fans. That being said, the Hunter XP HVLS fan is ideally suited for:

Recently, our friend Jeremy, owner of a Christian Brothers Automotive Shop in Fairfield, TX, installed four XP HVLS ceiling fans in his business. For his controller option, Jeremy selected the 500 Series controller, which allows him to operate all four fans from one location. 

“By installing the Hunter Industrial Fans, we have managed the heat and humidity, and the fatigue of our technicians,” said Jeremy. “The reason I love the Hunter Industrial Fans is because we were able to mount the fans in the ceiling and get rid of a lot of the other fans that we had in the shop on the floor that were taking up space and creating clutter.”

Hear more from Jeremy: 

The Hunter Support Team Exists for Business Owners

Hunter has been a leader in the ceiling fan industry since the company was founded in 1886. We keep our warehouse fully stocked, and most orders ship within ten days. We pride ourselves in our outstanding customer support, from helping you with your order, to installation and maintenance services.

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